Shopping List Pro

Shopping List Pro

Shopping List Pro

Alahindroid Shopping

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Shopping List Pro

Shopping List Pro for iPad

Azon Pro Shopping List - Amazon Wordpress Plugin

Your shopping list on your mobile, keep the products that you need them, in a comfortable and easy.
One of the most complete applications you can find on Google Play.


* Create multiple lists.
* Send to a contact list.
* Add alarm to a list (Reporting System).
* Control the total list price.
* Insertion of articles by the microphone.
* Ability to change text font.
* Ability to text size.
* Ability to sort lists and options products.
* Ability to lock screen.
* Various types of coins.
* Multiple wallpapers included.
* Prices of items.
* Units of measurement items.
* Ability item marking.

* NEW *
-Import and export lists external memory.

It is a very intuitive and comfortable, nothing complicated.

Users you can make great recommendations for improving it, for they can comment the application to download.


Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Catalan, Galician, Russian, Japanese, Chinese

Import and export lists to the external memory device.
New languages​​: Galician, Russian, Japanese, Chinese